If you don’t see your question, call or write Kevin!

How much do you charge?

That depends on several factors—the date, whether it’s a Saturday night in June or October or a Wednesday night in August, the location, how complicated the event is, etc. But most find us very reasonable! Call Kevin at 314.962.6292 and discuss your event with him and he’ll give you a tailor-made quote.

Do I need to give you a deposit and sign a contract?

We have a contract for those who want it, but we’re a very friendly group to work with. We don’t ask for a deposit, just a check on the day of the performance.

What does the band wear?

We like to go classy—dark suits and ties for the fellas, and the lady always wears something eye-catching. Sometimes for casual day events we’ll back away from the ties and jackets and go with khaki pants and dark short-sleeve dress shirts. In either case, those who know us comment that we clean up real well.

The Kevin Mitchell 4's instruments.

Do you take requests?

We happily play any request if it’s one we currently have in our repertoire! We have a deep love and respect for the music, so we don’t “fake” things we don’t know and haven’t rehearsed. That said, more often than not we can come up with a similar tune to the request if we don’t know it.

Does that mean you play “Mustang Sally”?

No. We also don’t play “Proud Mary,” “Celebration,” or any Justin Bieber. Once we played the Chicken Dance but Kevin doesn’t want to talk about it.

Do you bring your own equipment?

Yes—we pride ourselves on having several top-notch systems of various sizes for any space or number of guests. We are efficient, only needing access to a single regular outlet, and we carry a 100-foot extension cord to get us there.

I’ll want to make a toast/speech/announcement—can I use your mic?

Let Kevin know in advance and we will make sure you have your own mic—in fact it’s been our experience that this is better than using the house system.

We’re planning a wedding in St. Louis but both of us live elsewhere—can you make that work?

Absolutely. We are a great choice for folks planning an event from out of town. Couples in Chicago, Phoenix, and even Sweden have chosen the KM4. Kevin is always online and the band is easy to deal with, so they’ve worked out really well.

An image of a dancing couple.

Do we have to feed the band?

No, you certainly don’t have to! But it is a common to provide either what the guests eat or a smaller meal for the band.

Do I need to worry about equipment or anything?

No. We have top-notch professional audio equipment that will be just right for your event. We only need access to a single outlet—we carry around a 100-foot extension cord to get the power we need.

Should we be afraid that you guys will be too “loungy”?

No. We know exactly what you mean and if you want some guy who thinks he’s Frank Sinatra in Vegas we’re not for you. We’re all about these wonderful songs, and we stay true to them both vocally and instrumentally.

I’m on the fence about having live music. Should I go to the expense and hassle?

Yes. First of all, it’s not a hassle. We make it simple and easy. Second and most important, nobody regrets having a good, professional live band at their event. It really makes it memorable!

How many people are in the Kevin Mitchell 4?

That’s a good question! To book The Kevin Mitchell 4, please contact Kevin.

A photo of The Kevin Mitchell 4 - Playing in color.

What is “Martini Music” anyway?

Most of the band have been working together since 2004, so we have a great selection of tunes that allow us to lean heavily on jazz and standards or more on blues and pop depending on the situation. Taken all together, it’s “Martini Music.”

A photo of The Kevin Mitchell 4 - Pouring a drink. Martini music.

What works for many weddings and other special events is what we like to call our “Four Martini” set. And it goes something like this:

An image of a martini glass.

First Martini Set

Guests arrive to the hip stylings of pure cocktail music. Light, in the background, the music of Bobby Darin, Holly Cole, Burt Bacharach, etc., sets the mood with medium-tempo tunes that people love.

An image of a martini glass.

Second Martini Set

Dinner. Vocalist Barb takes a break and us fellas provide instrumental background music from Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Dave Brubeck, plus some Latin-flavored tunes with bongos and maybe even something fun like our instrumental version of the theme from the Flintstones.

An image of a martini glass.

Third Martini Set

Now we’re ready to swing. Ella, Frank, Dean, Nat … great music that everybody loves. People get up and dance, or if the event is more set up for visiting, smile and tap their feet to this wonderful timeless music.

An image of a martini glass.

Fourth Martini Set

Well, now we’re ready to cut loose a bit—Van Morrison is played, the guitar comes out for some rockin’-bluesy versions of Patsy Cline or Tracy Chapman, probably a Blues Brother tune … nothing expected, but always welcomed!

Piano graphic. This is by no means how we do every gig—just one example. We are great at reading the crowd, and can also tilt toward one style more than another. For birthdays and anniversaries we’ll lean almost exclusively on the songs of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. But often for weddings and corporate events, this four-martini approach is the cat’s meow.

To book The Kevin Mitchell 4, please contact Kevin.


This Sounds Great But Gosh, What Else is Out There?

We have a great relationship with many wonderful musicians in town.  Here are a few of our friends:

•  If you’re looking for a bigger band, there’s three we can recommend: the first is Sundance & Brass which often features our own Steve Kauffmann. The other is Yes Sir, which our own Barb Tippet sang in for years. Also, Accolade is wonderful as well.

•  If you’re looking for a DJ, the absolute best place to go is Millennium Productions. In fact we work with them often when folks want the best of both worlds: Classy jazz band for first half, rockin’ DJ for the second. They are ultimate professionals, and they even can help you with other services including video, etc.

• For something completely different, there’s Wack-A-Doo, that features our friend Valerie Tichacek who sometimes plays with us. They play vintage swing/folksy Americana music and are as marvelous as they are fun.

• Otherwise, there are three good sites that we’re listed on that you should check out if you need further ideas: Locally in additional to Millennium who also has a roster of bands there’s Penny Moon Entertainment and St. Louis Music. We’re listed with all those plus the national site, Gig Salad.


Just remember: No one ever regrets having live music at their event!
Make it a thing and give it some swing — that’s what we say.