Winery Season!

It’s a February evening here in 2017, and sure the weather is crazy warm (70?), but I assure you I’d still be thinking about St. Louis Wineries anyway. This is the time of the year when we start booking wineries and general fun summer outdoor gigs (like one of our favorites, Eckert‘s).

That KM4 at Eckert’s

We’re a swingin’ group that mostly plays private events – St. Louis weddings, corporate events, etc. But we love wineries, and do really well at those because we have a large group of folks that just don’t get to hear us live very much because we mostly play private events. We had a run at  years ago and we brought out a lot of folks – more importantly we had a really good time.

Then there was what is arguably the most popular winery in the St. Louis region, Montelle. It was a nice day for humans but an even better day for Cicadas. I will tell this story because it only happens every 17 years … we were playing one of their “June Jazz” dates, when we noticed we had to play a little louder because of the Cicadas. That’s fine. Then they started dive bombing us. Barb, singer, turned to me at one point and says, “if one gets in mouth when I’m singing I’m leaving!”

I think one did and of course she didn’t leave. That’s how the KM4 rolls.

So look for us at your favorite winery – or better yet, ask for us!

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