What a Rockin’ Fun Time

Song stylin’!

We were honored to play a 60th — as in 6-0! — wedding anniversary last Saturday.  They held it at Andres which was very nice, the staff couldn’t be nicer.  Appropriately, they made the band come through the back door.  But then they made EVERYONE come through the back door and that’s how we knew we were playing the right party (I make a joke about this in my book).

Sue, one of the six siblings, was excited about booking us but had honest concerns which she phrased nicely but I’ll translate bluntly: “You guys aren’t going to be boring, are you?” Her parents and her parents friends were first considerations but then she, her siblings, and their kids wanted to have fun.  How did KM4 do?  Here’s what she posted on our gigsalad.com site:

Hard at work or hardly working?

“Recently my family threw a party to celebrate my parents 60th wedding anniversary. We decided to search for the perfect band for our event. We were connected to the group through GigSalad. Well we found the perfect band.The Kevin Mitchell 4 isn’t just a band, they are a group of classy talented musicians who play to the crowd and have fun.


“Considering, we had ages from 3 months to 83 our dance floor was busy most of the evening. They made the event very intimate and were very accommodating to any of our requests. I would urge anyone looking for a band to consider The Kevin Mitchell band for your event, I believe you will be pleased.”

Mike and Dave making it happen

During a break she came up and said, “I feel like I hit the jackpot with the Kevin Mitchell 4!” Being polite, she didn’t even mention that there were five of us.

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