Weddings Makes for Friends

KM4 at Brewery

The Kevin Mitchell 4 swingin’ at the A-B Brewery. We’re back July 20th and August 17th.

Setting up for one of three gigs this summer at the Biergarten at the Anheuser-Busch brewery, I got the biggest thrill: I looked up and there greeting me with big smiles was Ajay and Elizabeth.  We had the honor of being part of their immensely special wedding last year, and while then they lived out of state, they recently moved to St. Louis, saw that we were playing, and wanted to come down and hear us and say hi.

Now let me tell you what you can probably guess: There’s a lot of cool things about playing in a band like the Kevin Mitchell 4: First, I LOVE my band mates and they are truly fun to play with and be around; we get to make a special event more special; we get to be part of fundraisers for good causes that are immensely successful; we get to be there when two people pledge their love in public and send them swingin’ on their way; and of course playing music is just one of the biggest joys ….

But I have to say, when a couple whose wedding reception we’ve played come back to hear us play live in public, it’s just really makes us happy.  That says a lot, and I’m flattered to say that Ajay and Elizabeth have not been the only couple to come out and listen to us again.

“We really enjoyed seeing you guys and listening to the music,” Ajay said afterwords.  “It really brought back the memories from last year. One of these days we would like you and your gang stop by over our place for dinner or lunch. Am sure we can plan something out :).”

I have to say this was one of our favorite weddings.  Much of Ajay’s family came over from India, and Elizabeth’s family was mostly in Jefferson City, where they had the wedding and reception (we don’t normally travel that far but they are a special couple). Talk about East meets West!  Many of the women on Ajay’s side came in beautiful traditional Indian dress and everybody on both sides looked fabulous.  Her father, a minister, married them.  We even incorporated some traditional Indian music into the set list.

ANYWAY, it means a lot that we are able to build bonds with those we play for, and we treasure all our relationships.

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