Wedding Season

Barb & The Kevin Mitchell 4 at Busch Stadium.

Barb at Busch Stadium, about swing the happy couple to a first dance.

Between Christmas and just after Valentine’s Day, I think we get the most queries for weddings.  Folks like to get engaged at Christmas (I actually asked my beloved to marry me on her birthday … and thus got out of giving her a present beyond the ring ;).  And Valentine’s Day … well that’s obvious.

We just got booked for a December wedding here in St. Louis and we’re playing one next month, and soon May and June will fill up. It’s an exciting thing when a couple calls us up, as we love to be part of their special day.  I almost always meet the couple for coffee as it’s great to get to know them, hear their story, and get a sense of who they are.  (This is a joy because — and this is less about us than the type of music we play — folks interested in having us play at their wedding tend to be really cool, want something atypical, and looking for something beyond the whole DJ thing.) We deliver on our commitment to be equal parts classy and fun.

I’m also interested in what they are thinking, and help plan things like special dances, toasts, and all the small details that make a wedding truly personal.

The Kevin Mitchell 4 is up for almost anything, too. This picture is from one of our favorite gigs — a couple got married on a Monday on the pitcher’s mound of Busch Stadium. Then the reception was held in one of the event rooms their. Fun!

If you ever want to just talk about the possibilities, I’m always here.  Call or write — I am usually around!


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