Best of Both Worlds

The KM4 + bongos at the Bissinger's Carmel Room.

The KM4 + bongos at the Bissinger’s Carmel Room.

Two disclaimers: This idea isn’t financially feasible for many; second, this is what Lauren and I did for our wedding nearly 16 years ago.

When anyone is planning a wedding reception, there’s almost always this debate: live band or DJ? To oversimplify the argument, one is often less expensive and offers more variety (Artie Shaw! Taylor Swift! Pit Bull!); the other brings a certain ambiance and a different kind of specialness.

To this I say to St. Louis couples: How about both?

I had this conversation with my then soon-to-be wife and we decided to have a live jazz combo for our cocktail hour and then switch to a DJ for the rest of it.  It turned out really well.

So I was happy last week when we got booked to play the hottest new place in town to have your event, Bissinger’s Carmel Room, and that we were partnering with our good friends and the best DJs in town by far, Millennium Productions. This will be great. Guests will come off the elevator to the sound of us playing hip, fun cocktail music while enjoying the splendor that is this bar. Having a live band will add an extra dollop of class to an already classy situation.  When it’s time for dinner and the party, they’ll go to the dinning hall where our DJ friends will be spinning to their heart’s content as two hearts celebrate becoming intertwined.

Again, this is not for everyone, but speaking from experience (both personal and professional), when music ends up at the top of the priority list, embrace the best of both worlds.

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