Ukulele Lady

On this cold “spring” day, my two boys had a snow day and we built this snow man … or maybe it was a snow woman? See my grandma, Thelma Cowee, was a ukulele lady.  In her youth she played in speakeasy.  As a senior citizen, she played in variety shows she directed and starred in Kirkwood.  Before, during, and after all that she would bring her prized 1920s banjo uke to all family gatherings and sing some great songs on it (two of which we do in the band!).Snowman

The other night at practice, we brought three uke songs into our repertoireDave, our bass player, is doing the honors on the good-times instrument, and while we probably won’t always play them,  when we think we can get buy with ’em, we’ll bring that uke set out.  Who knows maybe I’ll bring the banjo uke and play along on them.

The snow will surely be melted by April 20th when we play some smokin’ hot jazz, swing, and blues up at Robbies in Webster!  We are looking forward to playing that great jazz club right here in the heart of the St. Louis area.  See you then!

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