“Thursday’s All So Sad”

It’s a stormy Thursday here in St. Louis, so I thought I’d put a video together of us doing that classic blues tune, “Stormy Monday.” Adhering to our “Four Martini Set List,” we typically bring this one out in the final set of the evening and whether it’s a corporate event or a swanky wedding, it gets people out on the dance floor. While I’m typically behind the 88s, I break out the guitar for this one.

There are lots of versions of this song, and I probably wouldn’t have added it if I hadn’t heard Diana Krall‘s version.  I’m a huge fan of her work, and I think she’s absolutely wonderful.

As for our version, I hope you’ll agree that singer Barb does a knock-out job on it.  Barb has a great voice and does this tune justice just like she does a lot of the other female artist we cover including Ella Fitzgerald, Patsy Cline, Billy Holiday, and even more contemporary artist like Norah Jones and Tracy Chapman.

And by all means enjoy the smokin’ sax solo Steve does in the middle and at the end!

Here’s to hoping you’re having a dryer day then what’s going on outside right now!


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