The Wedding Party

What a great time the KM4 had Saturday night, where we played Kirkwood‘s swanky Sunset 44 Bistro. It was actually a wedding party – the lovely bride and groom got married last month in Colorado, but the family of the groom wanted to have a little celebration here for those who either couldn’t make it to Colorado and/or just wanted to celebrate more.

There was no toast, no first dance, none of that – just a good buffet, a wonderful wait staff serving libations, and a table with McArthur‘s Wedding Cupcakes (and yes I did take one of those home when offered! for the Mrs of course ….). It was a classy, laid-back affairsunset-44 and our brand of jazz, standards, a little blues, and fun takes on pop songs did indeed fit well with the mood.

We were mostly in the background, which we are certainly comfortable with, though latter the party got turned up a notch and dancing ensued as tends to happy when the Kevin Mitchell 4 play any time anywhere.  We were grateful to get so many compliments – we do know how to play smaller affairs in terms of keeping the energy up but the volume at a level where people can comfortably talk.

The groom’s father said his wife had hunted around and thought we’d be perfect, and then he asked around further and said it was confirmed that we were a great band to have at any occassion. Grateful for that too, and good to know that as we’ve been playing for more than a dozen years now, our strong reputation as professional, fun, and classy remains in tact.

Finally, have to say I was surprised we hadn’t ever played the Bistro – can’t say enough about how great the food was, and the staff was really impressive. Great place to have an event!


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