The Recommendation

Like many bands, the KM4 get many gigs from recommendations from people around the St. Louis metro area. This is really the highest form of flattery – when we’ve been hired by one person, and handled the event (be it wedding, be it corporate event, etc.) and performed in such a manner that they sing our praises to others who are then excited to hire us.

We’re playing a special corporate retirement party that is also a company celebration in a few Saturdays for one of our town’s great companies, Woodard Cleaning & Restoration. I went and met with these wonderful people and what a great facility they have. (And this was easy for me because it was right down the street from where I live in Webster Groves!)

Barb Tippett singing at an upscale corporate event.

What is really special is we got this from a recommendation by Suzie Westerbeck who runs Westwood Catering (which is pretty much our favorite caterers in town and we love working with them). Now Suzie sees a LOT of bands, probably knows them all, so when she tells a client that the Kevin Mitchell 4 is perfect for an event … well first thing is, the client doesn’t hesitate because Suzie is that good, trusted, and loved … and the second thing is … well, we’re really flattered and honored.

This four hour event will get our full “Four Martini Set” treatment.

First Martini Set: Guests arrive to the hip stylings of pure cocktail music. Light, in the background, the music of Bobby Darin, Holly Cole, Burt Bacharach, etc., sets the mood with medium-tempo tunes that people love.

Second Martini Set: Dinner. Vocalist Barb takes a break and us fellas provide instrumental background music from Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Dave Brubeck, plus some Latin-flavored tunes with bongos and maybe even something fun like our instrumental version of the theme from the Flintstones.

Ask about our 4 Martini Set!

Third Martini Set: Now we’re ready to swing. Ella, Frank, Dean, Nat … great music that everybody loves. People get up and dance, or if the event is more set up for visiting, smile and tap their feet to this wonderful timeless music.

Fourth Martini Set: Well, now we’re ready to cut loose a bit—Van Morrison is played, the guitar comes out for some rockin’-bluesy versions of Patsy Cline or Tracy Chapman, probably a Blues Brother tune and then some Amy Winehouse and Blues Traveler … nothing expected, but always welcomed!

It will be a really great event and we’re honored for the recommendation for it … hopefully, it’ll lead to others!

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