The KM4 Swings with Tyler Florence

Last Friday afternoon was a very special for all foodies in St. LouisFood Network rock star Tyler Florence came to town.  He was here to sign bottles of wine at a local grocery store, and that store wanted to make this special event especially special.  So what did they do?  They asked the Kevin Mitchell 4to play to the crowd while they waited for a moment in his royal food-acious presence.

There was well over 400 people who came out, many of whom were surprised to have a band playing tunes like we do. It really set the mood, and it was fun to see folks walk through and have their faces light up.

Just another example of how the KM4 can be of service.  Of course we love playing special events, and as the manager of grocery store said who hired us, “you are just the right group to be part of this event!”

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