The Anniversary Party

Just got a call to do a 60th Anniversary party!  How wonderful is that?  We love to do anniversary parties, and as I tell the person inquiring (usually the son or daughter of course), “if we can’t do it, or don’t fit your budget, let me help you find another group or duo, because NO one ever regrets having live music at their parents’ big anniversary party!”

It’s very true.

Sometimes we get these at the last minute, and we’re happy with that.  Every time it’s been one of the daughters or sons, and I get a sense right away that not all the siblings are on board at first.  The Kevin Mitchell 4 reasonably priced, but it can be a consideration.  But when the parents walk in (usually it’s a surprise), and the band is swinging, their faces light up.  It’s a magical moment.  And as much as I love my DJ friends in town, talk about a situation where it’s live music or nothing.  Also, we assure our client that our music will be good, but not too loud — we know friends of the guest of honor want to talk and be able to hear each other.

One fun thing we do in these situations is try to find out what the couple’s first song was at their wedding … we always try to recreate it, and it’s a special moment indeed!

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