That Christmas Engagement

When I decided to ask my wife to marry me, I chose to do it on her birthday. See, I was being practical … when you present her with a nice rock, you’re totally off the hook for any other present! So I’m always impressed with other guys who propose on someone’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas …. and if you’re on the receiving end of such a proposal on such a day, and you say “yes,” you are saying yes to one smart person!


Always invite the kids to your wedding!

It is romantic to get engaged at Christmas though quickly that can turn into realizing that you’ve also said yes to what can be a really big project – the wedding. There’s the hall, the caterer, the dress, the invitations, etc., etc., etc., and of course … the music.

The Kevin Mitchell 4 plays a lot of weddings around St. Louis, and we’ve been lucky to play for some absolutely wonderful couples. It’s been a wide variety too – sometimes the couple is a little older, and maybe this is their second marriage, and they just want to keep it small and classy. Then again, quite a few are also younger 20-ish kids who want their wedding to be a little different, preferring a live group like ours as opposed to a DJ spinning the latest from Taylor Swift. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that – in fact if you are considering a DJ, the absolute best in town is our friends at Millennium Productions, who we often work with for those who want a live jazz band in the beginning of their night and then a rockin’ DJ after – I’ve written about this here.)

It won’t surprise you that we always advocate for live music, even if it’s not us (and if it’s not us, Millennium and Penny Moon Entertainment have a lot of great acts for you to choose from). No one has ever regretted what a live band brings to a celebration. When we get asked to be part of such a special day, we are thrilled – we usually meet for coffee with the couple to discuss the plans, the joys, and the concerns. We make it easy and I’m quick to give other advice like on cool places and wonderful, original caterers.

PIS-3But if you did say “yes” to a Christmas proposal, take a deep breath and enjoy the rest of the holidays. Then just remember that your day is going to be perfect in its own unique way, and so relax and just make it your own! As for the Kevin Mitchell 4, we have lots of suggestions for that first dance song ….



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