Terrific Fundraiser

Great shot new album cover Last night we had the pleasure of playing the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute’s “Uncorked” fundraiser. It was a dreary maybe-going-to-rain night and we were to play outside … it was interesting because after what was a great success, I turned to Barb my friend/singer and said, “I totally wasn’t in the mood for this tonight, but once we started playing, it was great!” And she said, “I just thought the same thing!”


Steve Kauffmann on the saxophone.

Nice Shto of B K and M

The Kevin Mitchell 4 playing at a swanky fundraiser.

What a great place to have an event — the Magic Chef Mansion here in St. Louis off of Grand on Russell. Their event was called “uncorked,” and featured Patrick Murphy of St. Louis’ Channel 9 (the public television station).  He was great — at one point he came up to us and said, “you guys look like you’ve been friends forever — the way you have so much fun playing with each other, the way I see you really enjoying each other’s solos and complimenting each other …”  Well, Patrick is right!

It’s true the KM4 first and foremost has a lot of fun.  Last night was no exception.  We are so grateful for all the compliments we got.  What a great evening! We are so grateful for the STLPI for letting us be part of their wonderful fundraising event.

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