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St. Louis Wedding on a Budget

St. Louis Wedding for a Typical Couple

This is the start of an ongoing series I’m going to call “What the Band Knows.” As you plan your wedding in the St. Louis metro area, you are no doubt thinking back to all the weddings you’ve been to as a guest.  But those of us who “work” weddings, have a different perspective …. […]

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Talking Your Wedding Over Coffee

Let’s meet and talk about your big day!  … it’s the time of the year when a lot of people start booking The Kevin Mitchell 4 for their upcoming wedding.  It’s always exciting to us to be part of a couple’s special day. One of the things I’m quick to do is meet with the […]

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Keeping it Fresh

first dance stock

The late winter is a good time for the band.  We have some nice weddings typically, but we also have a bit of space in the schedule.  And that means it’s time to add some new tunes to the set list! Now we actually learn songs all through the year — in fact, we always […]

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Wedding Season

Between Christmas and just after Valentine’s Day, I think we get the most queries for weddings.  Folks like to get engaged at Christmas (I actually asked my beloved to marry me on her birthday … and thus got out of giving her a present beyond the ring ;).  And Valentine’s Day … well that’s obvious. […]

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Classy, Classy Weddings

Dave and Steve

The Fall keeps the Kevin Mitchell 4 busy! A couple of weeks ago we played the Third Degree Glass Factory for Justin and Rachel (check out what they said here). And then last Sunday we played the World Fair Pavilion in Forest Park for Anna and David.  Both were stunning, classy, fun events.  Anna came […]

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Ukulele Lady


On this cold “spring” day, my two boys had a snow day and we built this snow man … or maybe it was a snow woman? See my grandma, Thelma Cowee, was a ukulele lady.  In her youth she played in speakeasy.  As a senior citizen, she played in variety shows she directed and starred […]

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Why Not the Botanical Garden?

Missouri Botanical Garden -- View From Wedding Reception Site

On Sunday the family went to the Missouri Botanical Garden here in St. Louis and what a wonderful day it was.  It reminded me of the time we did a very swanky gig there.  The photo shows the view the guest saw (minus the dragon).  They wanted our typical “4 Martini” set but the cocktail […]

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