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Add Music to Your Fundraiser

We see it over and over: nothing makes a fundraiser sizzle like a live band, and no type of band is more appropriate than a rockin’ jazz band. It doesn’t have to be us, but we love to be part of a good cause, and offer a  501(c)(3) discount. Just one example we’re proud of: […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day

VD Day Image

Today is also St. Louis’ 250th birthday!  At a special Burning Love festival, they are hoping they get as many couples as possible to get engaged. Will they break a record?  Maybe.  Will some of those couples want the KM4 to play at their wedding?  Most definitely!  And we very much look forward to it. […]

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Weddings: Not About Us!


It’s a good friend’s anniversary, and I’m thinking back on their wedding, which was beautiful.  As you can imagine, seeing as many weddings as I do both personally and professionally, I notice things!  The bride and groom looked great, the ceremony was in an old church that was beautiful, and the reception hall was really […]

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Favorite Gigs, Part 1 – Busch Stadium Wedding

Barb & The Kevin Mitchell 4 at Busch Stadium.

If I’m thinking back on amazing events the Kevin Mitchell 4 has been part of, I have to talk about playing the brand new Busch Stadium. Wow. You get a call like this and you move heaven and earth to do it. It was a wedding … and they wanted what we do for weddings […]

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A Little History, Part 1

Kevin Mitchell of the Kevin Mitchell 4.

When did the band begin? I was a keyboardist in a bad rock cover band made up of other kids I went to school with called Future Shock. I was 13 and had a little mini-Farfisa organ and we played Kiss, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Yes, etc. We practiced at the drummer’s house because he owned the […]

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