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What the Band Knows ….

I just saw this article, and it made me smile.  They went and talked to caterers, wedding planners, DJs, and bands about when they can tell when a wedding isn’t going to last, coming up with a list titled “Wedding-Planning Pros Reveal 10 Signs a Marriage Will Fail.” Now luckily, we’ve only had good experiences. […]

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Wedding Season

Between Christmas and just after Valentine’s Day, I think we get the most queries for weddings.  Folks like to get engaged at Christmas (I actually asked my beloved to marry me on her birthday … and thus got out of giving her a present beyond the ring ;).  And Valentine’s Day … well that’s obvious. […]

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March Madness

Kevin warming up on a bar stool for tonight's rehearsal, circa 1968. (Takes me a while to warm up)

For a band like ours, the winter is a time to reflect, rejuvenate, and re-jive! We have the occasional gig, but are looking forward to spring weddings and summer at the wineries. So we spend these cold evenings working on some smokin’ new tunes to expand the repertoire and tighten some of the lesser-known tunes […]

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On the Road Again

Swingin' Roarin' 20s Style in Steelville

Just booked what will absolutely be a great wedding in the spring!  Didn’t know it would happen because it’s far from our area. We’re happy to play in places a little outside where we live. For example, we recently played a party in Steelville that was a hoot because we dressed up circa 1920s for […]

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Weddings: Not About Us!


It’s a good friend’s anniversary, and I’m thinking back on their wedding, which was beautiful.  As you can imagine, seeing as many weddings as I do both personally and professionally, I notice things!  The bride and groom looked great, the ceremony was in an old church that was beautiful, and the reception hall was really […]

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