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The Wedding Party


What a great time the KM4 had Saturday night, where we played Kirkwood‘s swanky Sunset 44 Bistro. It was actually a wedding party – the lovely bride and groom got married last month in Colorado, but the family of the groom wanted to have a little celebration here for those who either couldn’t make it […]

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It’s Always “Just In Time” …

… for live music! We got a typical query the other day for a wedding — but it could have just as easily been for a 50th Anniversary or a 40th Birthday party in a private home. What as “typical” [for us!] was that it was “short notice.”  Someone asked us less than six weeks […]

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What the Band Knows: How’s Your Place Sound?

No Playing on Stage

There are a lot of factors that go into a band sounding great versus merely good. For a band like ours, playing a lot of classier weddings and nicer corporate events, most are intangibles – how the individual members are feeling that day, whether or not they got sprinkled with Miles Davis Magic Fairy Dust, […]

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That Christmas Engagement

When I decided to ask my wife to marry me, I chose to do it on her birthday. See, I was being practical … when you present her with a nice rock, you’re totally off the hook for any other present! So I’m always impressed with other guys who propose on someone’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, […]

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St. Louis Wedding on a Budget

St. Louis Wedding for a Typical Couple

This is the start of an ongoing series I’m going to call “What the Band Knows.” As you plan your wedding in the St. Louis metro area, you are no doubt thinking back to all the weddings you’ve been to as a guest.  But those of us who “work” weddings, have a different perspective …. […]

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Thinking of KM4 for Fundraiser? Here’s 106,000 Reasons…

KEEN shot

We are honored to get to be part of the KEEN annual fundraisers.  They are a class act with amazing people like Dave leading a group of talented folks for a good cause. (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now — gets less-abled kids up and moving.) This month they had their big to-do and raised a whopping […]

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The KM4 to Rock the AB Biergarden

AB Beer Garden

It’s always exciting for the band to get a new place to play — and so pleased that our good friends at Penny Moon Entertainment hooked us up with three gigs at the wonderful Anheuser Busch Brewery.  They opened a new Biergarden, and we’ll be playing their three dates this summer: June 22nd, July 20th, […]

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“Thursday’s All So Sad”

It’s a stormy Thursday here in St. Louis, so I thought I’d put a video together of us doing that classic blues tune, “Stormy Monday.” Adhering to our “Four Martini Set List,” we typically bring this one out in the final set of the evening and whether it’s a corporate event or a swanky wedding, […]

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An Engagement & A Wedding


Special weekend swingin’ downtown — we played a public gig at the Third Degree Glass Factory Friday night and … wow.  What a great place with a great vibe. It was really hopping and we were pleased to be part of it — it was perfect for our  jazz/swing/standards/blues/fun music. And being a great St. […]

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Never Too Late …

… to add a great St. Louis jazz band to your event! We got a typical query the other day for a wedding — but it could have just as easily been for a 50th Anniversary or a 70th Birthday party. What as “typical” [for us!] was that it was “short notice.”  Someone asked us […]

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