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The Recommendation

Ask about our 4 Martini Set!

Like many bands, the KM4 get many gigs from recommendations from people around the St. Louis metro area. This is really the highest form of flattery – when we’ve been hired by one person, and handled the event (be it wedding, be it corporate event, etc.) and performed in such a manner that they sing […]

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The Anniversary Party


Just got a call to do a 60th Anniversary party!  How wonderful is that?  We love to do anniversary parties, and as I tell the person inquiring (usually the son or daughter of course), “if we can’t do it, or don’t fit your budget, let me help you find another group or duo, because NO […]

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Band History Part II: Barb


I can’t remember exactly when in high school I met our wonderful vocalist Barb Tippett, but we became great friends immediately. It was probably in a play or something … but she’d hang out with my guy friends and I’d hang out with her gal friends. Hanging out included sneaking into clubs to hear her […]

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