RIP Dave Brubeck

Mike soloing on Take 5

Like all music fans, the KM4 mourn the loss of Dave Brubeck, though going at 91 after all the great music he’s made is not too bad. We of course do his Take 5, and I’m really proud of both saxophonist Steve Kauffmann and drummer Mike Schleicher for doing such a great job of it (as for me, the piano part is pretty easy, though sometimes you’ll catch me counting in “fives”). Whenever we play — and we play it pretty much every gig — folks are always impressed with the great solos Steve and Mike do it.

Now to be clear, the great sax player Paul Desomnd actually wrote the tune, but not everyone knows is that Paul brought it to Dave with the A & B section switched. It was Dave’s idea to play what we now know as the “A” section first. And the rest is history as they say.

One of our fans is a huge fan of Brubeck, and had a picture taken with him and autographed. When he hired us to play his wife’s birthday party, on break I made sure the band went and saw it.

We will continue to play the tune to the best of our ability, and always quietly thank Brubeck for all he’s done for jazz!

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