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A screenshot of The Kevin Mitchell 4's new homepage.

Welcome to my blog on the Kevin Mitchell 4’s new website! Shout out to TJ Kelly and Rob Lee at Silver East Web Services for putting it together, and longtime friend of the band Susy Christiansen for recommending Rob, giving me great notes, and most important, doing my first website oh so many years ago.

Whew. Enough of the commercials.

I’m a professional writer by trade, who even writes a column about websites for a music instrument business magazine. There I advocate the importance of keeping websites fresh and blogging. So, why did it take me seven years to update this? And why is this my first blog?

Can’t answer that but I’m finally following my own advice. But enough about me, let’s talk about my band.

I love my band. That it’s filled with good friends, some of whom I’ve made music with since I was 16, and one of whom was in both my weddings, makes it even more enjoyable. I love how our whole is greater than the sum of our parts. I love how we don’t showboat, we don’t make the music about us, we don’t use an event to feed our egos. When we’re asked to be part of an event, we’re humbled and honored, and work to contribute to it.

I’ll be using this blog to talk about making music, enhancing events, reminiscing on the great gigs we’ve had, bragging on members in it, and reporting on recent happenings. I’ll probably muse about the general St. Louis music scene as well. Stay tuned!

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