Never Too Late …

… to add a great St. Louis jazz band to your event!

We got a typical query the other day for a wedding — but it could have just as easily been for a 50th Anniversary or a 70th Birthday party.

What as “typical” [for us!] was that it was “short notice.”  Someone asked us less than six weeks out if we could play their St. Louis area wedding.  She was apologizing but I had to assure her that it happens more than she thinks!

At piano K in motionHere’s the scenario: It’s your second wedding, or maybe you’re not that 21-year-old wanting the huge 19-bridemaids/crazy variety band with 18 pieces. You want something small, with just a few friends.  You pick a classier locale.  Likely the ceremony is going to be where the reception is, and the ceremony is just a 20-minute affair. It’s all going well … then …

While in the beginning you wanted to “keep it simple,”as it get close to the day, with all the other details cleared up, you can’t help think how nice a small band would be. Not a DJ that’s too much, and certainly not one of those big bands …

So yes we get a lot of those calls!  And we love it and as long as you don’t see anything on our schedule, give us a call and likely we can be part of your special day — in fact we’d love to be part of it.

Related is we’ll get the, “A week from Saturday my brothers and I are throwing Mom a 60th birthday party, and we suddenly thought it would be fun to have a band like yours.” Well, you’re right!

Never hesitate to give us a call — we like to say yes, and no one ever regrets having live music at their event, no matter how small or how modest.

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