March Madness

For a band like ours, the winter is a time to reflect, rejuvenate, and re-jive! We have the occasional gig, but are looking forward to spring weddings and summer at the wineries. So we spend these cold evenings working on some smokin’ new tunes to expand the repertoire and tighten some of the lesser-known tunes we do.

We feel we have a great mix with always an emphasize on great jazz, we’re just broadening it.  We’re reaching back into the twenties and learning a couple more songs from that decade (including a ukelele tune) all the way up to a couple of more contemporary tunes (including a ukelele tune!). We’ll try an Adele song out, something from Fleetwood Mac, along with some new jazz instrumentals to keep it all minty fresh.

Kevin warming up for tonight's rehearsal, circa 1968. (Takes him a while to warm up)

Kevin warming up for tonight’s rehearsal, circa 1968. (Takes him a while to warm up)

Truth be told our set list is good as is, but second only to playing for you, we play for us as well.  We like to do different versions of songs we’ve been playing around St. Louis for years, and dust off tunes we played in high school and in my case, the Conservatory in Kansas City.

Helping is we  have fun together! So come out to hear what madness we’ve been up to starting at the end of the month, and we’ll make sure your favorite tune is in our bracket!

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