KM4 is for Rainbows for Kids!

If you check out any of our music and set list, you can see we are absolutely pitch perfect for charity events, fundraisers, and parties for good causes. We regularly hear from many non-profits wanting us to play for their big event.  Sometimes they ask us to donate our services, and we wish we could say yes to every one of them.  But we offer a special non-profit discount that makes it easy to work us into that special event!

We do regularly support Rainbows for Kids!  And we’ll be playing Nov. 17th and what a great night it will be.  We’re playing for an hour, then our good friends Yes Sir! play. Then American Idol’s Shannon Magrane takes the stage!  We are honored to contribute to such a great cause. If you can make it to this event, please do!

OTHERWISE, if I may brag … we are one of the best groups to play your fundraising event in St. Louis.  We start off with classy cocktail music, then slowly keep ratcheting up the energy.  As if her singing and stage presence wasn’t enough, Barb Tippett also helps with Emceeing duties encourage people to bid, contribute, whatever.  We make the event swing, memorable, and are constantly told we help people open their hearts — and wallets.  There are several charities that have us back every year!  One has had back a record seven times, and another five!  So give us call and let’s discuss how the Kevin Mitchell 4 can make your event especially memorable!

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