Keeping it Fresh

The late winter is a good time for the band.  We have some nice weddings typically, but we also have a bit of space in the schedule.  And that means it’s time to add some new tunes to the set list!

first dance stockNow we actually learn songs all through the year — in fact, we always are happy to learn a new song for your St. Louis wedding, even if it’s out of our genre.  (We want your first dance to be whatever you want it to be.)  But now we do all focus on it as a group, and who we do it for might surprise you.

We actually don’t do it for you.  We do it for us.

There are lots of groups in town who play the same songs in the same order for every event.  And there’s nothing wrong with that because after all, if you’ve just hired us for your wedding, you probably haven’t heard them (unless you keep having weddings, and then you’d notice; but then again at that point, you have a whole other problem then a band repeating itself!).

But we play to have fun, and we’ve been told our fun is infectious. It keeps things interesting as we try new songs, mix up the set list, and enjoy the process of making music.  Sure, there’s always the staples.  But as musicians we’re always growing and wanting to challenge each other.  That’s what keeps it fresh for us, and fun for your wedding or event.

Now back to the woodshed!

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