Jammin’ with Mr. FX King

FX Jammin' with the KM4.

FX Jammin’ with the KM4.

Had to write about a very special 90th birthday party we played on July 19th. F.X. King turned 90, and his wonderful family threw him a heck of a party at the Tower Grove Manor.

The bonus is he got out his soprano saxophone and sat in with the band!  He was great.  Turned out he had a big band in Baltimore years ago, but he still could play.  We played September Song with him, and then he broke into Rock Around the Clock — a song not officially in our repertoire, but once Dave told me the key, we were off and running!  Barb actually took a video of that special moment.  Check it out.

The audience was so appreciative, and we had so much fun.  I told his daughter who hired us that while I’m glad it was us, it was really great the family hired a live band for that party.  For anyone on the fence, and we know it cost money, but I have to say no one ever regrets hiring a live band for an event like this. The smiles lit up the room all night long, and the memories still linger for all of us.

We hope we get to play his 91st!

Steve, Kevin, FX, Mike, Barb, & Dave.

Steve, Kevin, FX, Mike, Barb, & Dave.

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