Favorite Gigs, Part 1 – Busch Stadium Wedding

Barb & The Kevin Mitchell 4 at Busch Stadium.

If I’m thinking back on amazing events the Kevin Mitchell 4 has been part of, I have to talk about playing the brand new Busch Stadium. Wow. You get a call like this and you move heaven and earth to do it. It was a wedding … and they wanted what we do for weddings so often: a cocktail hour, followed by the swing and fun that makes people hit the floor. The catch? The cocktail party was on the field. The party was way way up in a stadium box. Now I have a completely professional amazing sound system including EV speakers with several configurations, plus I have a little rehearsal studio with a smaller P.A. And I have extra smaller speakers, amps, etc.

WELL … I literally pulled every extension cord, guitar cord, speaker, mixer, and roll of duct tape I had for this gig. We set up a separate system on the field where the bride and groom married on the pitcher’s mound. A wonderful string quartet played during that part. Then we played the cocktail hour … absolutely lovely.

Now while we got there eight hours early for what would be a 13-hour day, and while I set up two separate systems, we still had our instruments (keyboard, drums, etc.) to move around. We had 20 minutes to hightail it up to the box and be ready to play when the bride and groom entered. It was hard but worth it. One of many great weddings we were appreciative to be part of.

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