Ensuring a Charity Event’s Success

EYE Charity Shot Aug 2015

Steve, Joe, Tina, & Mike (Kevin is taking the picture) at the Eye Care Charity event in August 2015.

It’ll be no surprise to anyone who has seen us (or even heard our recordings) that we absolutely love playing. We love the music, we love contributing to a good time, and we love the smiles it brings people.

What could be even better? When we play your St. Louis charity event. It’s all of the above, plus we get to drive home knowing we contributed to a greater cause than ourselves (literally – our sax player, Steve, is a total sucker for those raffle tickets!  He always buys some for the band).

We have quite a few worthy events we get called to play back for year in and year out around St. Louis, and this past summer we contacted by one that is new to us, Eye Care Charity of Mid-America. What a great group – they help those who can’t afford to see better. They had had some previous events, but some new people in charge wanted to try something different to see if it could increase their efforts. How did it go? Here’s the email I received:


I am reviewing my thank yous from the event and realized that I missed expressing my gratitude to you and your band for our event Aug 29. Your music set the tone and provided an excellent backdrop to the event. Plus your words of advice and wisdom for our agenda were just what we needed. (I retrieved that email to get your email address and reviewed your suggestions.)  I contribute our success (most we’ve made in three years)  to your helping us to pace the event smoother and faster.
Please extend my thanks to your band members.


Lora Mather
Executive Director
Eye Care Charity of Mid-America

You bet that made us feel good.

So please don’t hesitate to contact me about your charity event, even if you end up going with another band (and if it’s not us, I strongly urge you to get some kind of live music – it makes such a difference!). We’ve seen a lot of these and know what works and what doesn’t, and at the end of the day at these charity events, what’s most important is the money raised allowing you to continue and even expand on your good work.




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