Corporate Party — Setting the Tone

Swingin' Your Corporate Event

Kevin M. Mitchell: Swingin’ Your Corporate Event

Last week for a fourth time a food management company hired us to play their annual party up in St. Charles. They bring their employees from the region in, have them go to some workshops, and later, there’s a nice dinner and some awards are presented.  In the middle of that they like the Kevin Mitchell 4 playing our own jazz/blues/fun set of tunes. Now they only need us for an hour, but it’s an important hour to them as it sets the tone of the entire multi-day event.

We keep the music upbeat and fun, and end big as dinner is ending the ceremony is about to begin. Responding to my thank you note, Catherine wrote: “No – thank you Kevin.  It was fun having you at our event and everyone loved hearing the band.”

Kind words to be sure! But I also have to say for this middle-sized family company, it’s a smart move to have a band like ours play. There’s something special about live music that puts everyone in a good mood.  Is it an expense that could be cut? Absolutely.  But this company wants to really show their appreciation to their employees/partners. Just watching their faces light up when they walk in the room and we’re swinging a Beatle tune … well they are grateful and feel appreciated! So whether it’s for your Christmas Party, End of Fiscal Year Party, or a Meeting, consider having the KM4 take it up a notch!  We’d love to be part of your happening.

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