Company Christmas Party

A local St. Louis-area financial institution just hired us for their annual holiday party — for an eighth time!  We’re beyond flattered, of course.  But mostly we’re thrilled because at this point we’re practically family.

Every year they bring in their VIP clients for a special party. We provide the music, but they really do the whole thing up right. It’s well catered, they manage to get a local celebrity to show up most years, there’s awards, gifts, and classy SWAG. company-Christmas-party

We’re the band that never makes it about us, so we were mostly background music for the beginning part of it, but there’s just nothing like live music at your party to set the vibe. And we always know the perfect mix of tunes to play. The KM4 throw in some jazzy Christmas songs of course, but do them right. We’re never too cheesy and do everything with a sense of fun. We offer some surprises, too, like a certain Barenaked Ladies’ version of a cool Christmas tune that’s right at home with the Christmas stylings of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Nat King Cole.

The Kevin Mitchell 4 also is pleased to do the corporate Christmas parties that’s just for employees. While budgets are still tight and sometimes it’s hard for a company to justify the expense, we see it as a worthy, fun, investment that the employees really appreciate.  And of course, live music always makes it memorable.

Now we’ll start dusting off those Christmas tunes for that return engagement — here’s to tradition!

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