Classy Birthday

IMG_3145I can’t tell you how grateful I am that the classiest people book us. What a great night. Dan wanted to surprise his S.O. with a birthday party, and hired us to be part of it. Beautiful place, totally fun people, but I digress. Condo in Clayton, and when Mike walked in, as Dan tells it, he was in a stupor saying, “there’s a band in my living room.” Steve and I joked he’s just scared we won’t leave and we nearly didn’t with the amazing art and great books this fun couple had amassed.

For this event we did a huge crazy mix. A lot of instrumental jazz, swing, and standards sure; but we snuck in reggae versions of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, a few obscure 50s cocktail music tunes, and some tunes that are rock with jazz saxophone. That’s how we roll. We just kept mixing it up.

IMG_3144 Anyway, here’s the funny part: We were totally atmosphere for the night which we’re so cool with as we contribute as we’re called on …. then when the bewitching hour was near I went to Dan and said we’d play three more numbers and he was like gosh you’d do that?

WELL … suddenly everybody that was left started dancing and we were like, cray, we can’t stop now. We kept playing tune after tune.

It’s an honor to have a skill playing music, and a blessed situation where I play with an amazing assortment of musicians. And tonight in a condo in Clayton, we did a little something that made a really cool guy’s 50th Birthday Party something no one will forget any time soon.

Drop mic.IMG_3149IMG_3154

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