What the Band Knows ….

I just saw this article, and it made me smile.  They went and talked to caterers, wedding planners, DJs, and bands about when they can tell when a wedding isn’t going to last, coming up with a list titled “Wedding-Planning Pros Reveal 10 Signs a Marriage Will Fail.”

PIS-3Now luckily, we’ve only had good experiences. Oh sure maybe we’ve had some slightly hung-over grooms once or twice, and sometimes it’s taken a while to come up with the first dance song, but our experience is if the couple wants a live band like ours, and they can agree on that, it’s a good sign!

I will say a serious undercurrent of this otherwise fun article is the couple understanding their priorities.  I’ve been to weddings where I felt the “production” element was too much, and it starts to become about “the event” rather than a couple starting their life together witnessed by friends and family.

Once we played a wedding where the lovely couple had the a second videographer shoot the minute-by-minute moments of the day (groom and bride getting ready, people arriving at the church, etc.), and then they furiously edited it in an hour before the reception. So right when the dancing was about to begin, they made the 100-plus “audience” sit and watch a 20 minute movie of it. It sucked the energy out of the room and brought the whole thing to a screeching halt. I often wondered if later they maybe wondered if that was a good idea …

But otherwise all our weddings have been complete, joyous events!

Not to say that we don’t have some stories … perhaps our craziest was once we got to the hall and the maid of honor comes up and informs us a couple of people can’t make it — specifically the BRIDE AND GROOM.

… but they are still having the reception!

Someone from here was marrying a gent from Australia, and they went back there for a bit … then he couldn’t get back on the plane to return. There was some mess up with his papers or something. On this same flight, his family was coming, and they still did!  So yes we did a wedding without the bride and groom.  They went ahead and got married on the beach there the day before, took a film of them greeting the guest, and we showed it half way through the reception. That was a good use of video …

And you know what?  It was still a great event.

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