The Arnold Wedding

I just got these wonderful photos from Justin & Rachel Arnold, whose wedding we had the honor of playing back in September. The Kevin Mitchell 4 played swanky cocktail music, classy instrumental dinner music, and then we swung out the rest of the evening, even playing some fun rockin’ tunes like “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” “Run Around,” and “Secret Agent Man” to keep things interesting.  It was so nice that Rachel and Justin shared these photos with usSteve Kauffmann.  (The wonderful shooter of these is Megan of Megan Thiele Studios.)

(Actually they asked for a funny bit with a short version of “Secret Agent Man” which had some of the bridal party walking into the hall in sunglasses checking out the place.  We always play along with any fun special request if we can possibly do it!)

It was at the Third Degree Glass Factory which I can hardily recommend for your event!





Arnold762 Arnold763 Arnold769





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