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Make your party truly memorable - hire a band.

Make your party truly memorable – hire a band.

I say this to everyone who calls about us performing at their birthday party, anniversary party, or summer fling: it doesn’t have to be us, but no one ever regrets having live music at their event! There’s something special about walking in and seeing live musicians jammin’ away. I see it party goers faces wherever we play in St. Louis: The eyebrows go up, a smile widens.

Looking forward to playing a surprise birthday party later this month. Someone is apparently turning 50, and his partner thought a live jazz band would take the whole thing to another level. We agree completely. (For this and many similar situations, we will make sure we fit the space. We take up a small footprint to begin with, and in some instances we have the drummer just bring snare and bongos instead of a full drum kit.) I’m not going to say that some would see hiring a live band as an extravagance, but it is a worthy one.

Surprises are especially fun. I remember once we played a surprise anniversary party at the couple’s house, and the couple was so blown away! They walked around in a daze for the first hour as we played away comfortably in their living room. Also, you might be surprised at how often we get these calls on short notice. We love it.

But here in St. Louis, there are many great bands. Make your surprise party truly memorable and hire one.


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